Types of plate rolling machines and how they work

Types of plate rolling machines and how they work

A plate rolling machine in Canada is an industrial machine which will roll various types of sheet metal to a conical or round shape. This equipment allows the production of products in large numbers. The machines are mainly used for cutting, welding, stamping and soldering.

They are Used in Electric Motors

They are manufactured by means of an electric motor and the cutting edges have to be sharpened before they can be used. These machines come with different accessories and parts and the user will have to choose the one which suits his needs the best. The working of the equipment is simple and all that has to be done is to feed the steel sheet into the machine which will be pushed by a roller.


When the steel is fed into the plate rolling machine and a laser cutter machine Canada, it will be rolled on rollers which are very strong. These rollers will push the metal sheet in a cylindrical pattern, which is shaped as per the requirement of the manufacturer.

Fabricating Flat Sheet Metals

There are several types of plate rolling machines available in the market and each of these machines serves different purposes. One of the main advantages of using this equipment is that it offers high quality fabricating of flat sheet metals. Most of the fabricators use this equipment for making heavy garments that need to be manufactured in large quantities.

It Manufactures Different Things

Another advantage of using this equipment is that it enables manufacturers to manufacture belts, spools, hangers, ducts, sheaths, racks, belt rolls, pins and many more. It has revolutionized the manufacturing industry and has helped to make the process of fabricating flat sheet metal more efficient. Many small to big companies use this equipment for making plates which are used for various applications.


The three types of plate rolling machine are:

  • rotary vane pre-bending
  • fixed-foot plate rollers
  • pre-bending rolls

In the first type of machine the plate that is to be rolled is put into the vane housing that is enclosed by a cylinder. The speed of the rotation of the vane depends upon the initial-pinch rate of the machine. When the plate rolls away from the first-inch of the diameter of the housing the pre-bend speed gets increased. This increases the speed of the rotating process.

Cone Plate Rolling Machine

Another type of plate rolling machine includes the cone-plate rolling machine, the fixed-foot plate roller and the pre-bending rolls. In the first type, the plate that is to be rolled is put in the cylindrical housing which is then put into the upper part of a cylindrical tube.

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