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Sample Contact Letter 2

Please remember to send this letter with Address Correction Requested- if they have moved this letter will come back to you and you will put it in a new envelope and mail it out again.

Also- sending two forms – one with signature required and one regular mail.

Today’s Date

Dear ____________,

I wasn’t sure how to contact you and decided writing a letter was the most comfortable way for me. I have been doing some family genealogy and DNA. Doing this research has led me to believe that we are related.

I have enclosed what information that I know about myself, including the non-identifying information regarding my family that was supplied to me through the state of (__).

I was born on __(date)__ in __(city)__, (state) at __(name of hospital)__. The birth name on my documents was _____________.

I was adopted through __(a private adoption through (atty’s name)/ name of agency used)__. (add any other info. known about bfamily). I have always wondered about my birth parents and wanted to reach out to you via letter first.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Your Name