Rhonda Churchill

Baby Girl Gafford was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma. After being adopted as Rhonda Noonan at 6 months of age, she was raised in the small north central town of Tonkawa. A graduate degree in counseling psychology led to a 30 year and counting career in mental health; much of it working directly with adoptees and their families. In 1981 she began a search for her biological grandfather; a search that would span 30 years and over 4500 miles, from Oklahoma City to London, England. In 2013 she published her award-winning memoir, The Fifth and Final Name: Memoir of An American Churchill and petitioned the court last year to allow her to return to her birth name. Today, Rhonda Churchill, granddaughter of Sir Winston Spencer Churchill, continues clinical work with adoptees and advocates for open and full disclosure of birth records.

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