Leslie Pate Mackinnon

Leslie Pate Mackinnon, LCSW is a national and international presenter on issues that impact families conceived through adoption. She trains therapists, agencies and universities across the United States on the complex issues that accompany adoption. Drawn to the field by her own experience of placing two sons in closed adoptions, Leslie’s story is included in the book; The Girls Who Went Away and the documentary A Girl Like Her by Ann Fessler. She’s been on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts, and on CNN discussing the impact of the internet on adoption. She was most recently featured in Dan Rather’s investigative report; Adoption Or Abduction.

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KEYNOTE: A Bridge to Reality

Zebendon Room West

Leslie, a first mother, psychotherapist & trainer is working towards a paradigm shift in adoption. She has been building bridges toward a destination with more accurate adoption narratives. Just like the tobacco industry, it’s time to challenge the benefits of the sugar-coated version of adoption, generated by the billion dollar industry. She will also discuss […]